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Before You Sign Up

  1. Does it cost money to use totical? 
    No, totical.com is complete free to use. There are no sign up fees or hidden fees down the road. 
  2. What is the minimum age required to sign up for totical? 
    You need to be at least 13 years old to sign up for totical.com.
    If you are between the ages of 13 and 18, you have access to your own chat rooms and message boards, which is prohibited to anyone over the age of 18.


Creating Your New Account

  1. How do I sign up for totical?
    Joining totical is easy and free! Simply click on the JOIN NOW –IT’S FREE! link on the top of our home page, or click on one of the two links on the homes, depending on whether you are an individual or a company.
  2.  What kind of user name can I choose?
    You can create any user name you’d like, so long as it only uses numbers and letters. No special characters allowed.
  3. What is the minimum password strength?
    Make sure that the password you choose is one that you will remember, but not easy enough for someone to figure out. It needs to be at least 8 characters long, and you may only use numbers and letters.
  4. Why do I have to enter my real name AND create a user name?
    At totical.com, we want you to have the best of both worlds. Have an account with your real name, so that your friends and family can see what you are up to, and you can share videos, photos, blogs etc. with those on your friends list. At the same time, you can remain anonymous to those who you choose not to add as a friend – so when chatting, posting recipes, adding videos to the video section and posting/commenting on the site, you have a user name.
  5. How can I make sure that no one sees my real name if I don’t want them to:
    In order to ensure that your name remains private, you would have to set your account to private. When you do this, only those on your friends list can see your profile and the contents in it.
  6. I entered my email address incorrectly when I signed up. How do I change it?
    Just go into EDIT MY PROFILE and make the necessary changes.
  7. I tied to sign up using just a letter for my last name, and it did not work. Why?
    You need to make sure you enter a complete last name, and not just a letter. 


Confirm Your Email Address
  1. How do I complete the sign-up process and confirm my email address?
    Once you have filled in all of the required fields on the registration form, a verification email will be sent to the email address entered during the sign up process. You will have to click on the link within this email in order to complete your registration. This step needs to be completed before you are able to start fully using the site.
  2. I filled in the registration form, but cannot find my profile on the site? What’s going on?
    Before you can create your profile, upload content or comment on anything, you must confirm your registration through the email you received in the email account you entered when registering. Once you have done this, you will be able to fully use the site.
  3. I confirmed my registration – now what do I do?
    Once your account has been confirmed, you are able to start uploading content. The first thing you should do is fill out your profile information and create your place on totical.com!
  4. I can't find my totical.com sign-up confirmation email.
    It’s possible your email settings have blocked the email we sent you, and filtered it directly into your Junk Mail folder. Please check the junk mail and adjust the settings so that any future emails received from totical.com will be sent directly to your inbox.
Login Basics
  1. How do I log into my totical account?
    You can log in right from the home page, by simply entering your email address and password in the top right corner of the screen. Once logged in, you will be brought directly to your profile / activity stream.
  2. What's the difference between logging in and signing up?
    Signing up is what you do in order to create your account with totical for the first time. It is done one time only. Logging in is what you do each time you visit the site, in order to access your account.
  3. I forgot my password. What do I do?
    If you forgot your password, simply click on the FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD link and an email will be sent to you. This email will have instructions on how to reset your current password.
  4. How do I delete my account from totical.com?
    At the very end of the FAQs, there is a link delete your profile. Simply click there and confirm on the next screen.
  5. How do I log out of totical.com?
    There is a LOG OUT button at the top right corner of the each page. Simply click on this in order to log out from the site.

Your Profile

Editing Your Settings
  1. What is the activity stream, and can I select which information I see?
    Your activity stream is a list of daily updates from all those on your friends list. You can see what they are doing, and what they are posting on totical.com. Within your Edit My Profile section, you can select which items you see, and which you don’t. If you’d like to filter how much information gets posted on your own activity stream, you can select which of your friend’s updates you see. Simply go into Edit My Profile and choose from the boxes listed which items you wish to share with others.
  2. What kind of privacy settings can I choose for my profile?
    You can choose to either make your profile private, which means that only those on your friends list can view your posts / profile, or you can make it public, which allows anyone, including those not on your friends list, to see your information. By default, totical sets your profile to private. It is up to you to make it public, should you want to.
  3. How do I edit my birthday?
    You can edit your birthday from within the Edit My Profile section. From there, you can also choose whether other people are able to see this information.
  4. I never filled out all of the fields in my profile – can I do that now?
    Yes, of course. If you would like to add more information about yourself within your profile, click on EDIT MY PROFILE and fill out whichever fields you would like to add information to.


  1. How do I post a blog? 
    You can post a blog one of two ways:
    a)      From your profile, click on View my BLOGS. From there, click on ADD A BLOG.
    b)      At the bottom of the web site, under MY ACCOUNT, click on MY BLOGS. Then click on POST NEW BLOG.
  2. How do I edit a blog I already posted?
    If you want to make changes to a blog already posted, simply click on MY BLOGS from the My Account section at the bottom menu of each page. This brings you to your Manage My Blogs page. Here you will find a list of all blogs posted. Simply find the blog you need to edit, and click on EDIT.
  3. Can I upload a photo or video to my blog?
    When you are posting a blog, you can upload both videos and photos. For a video file, click the BROWSE button next to FILE UPLOAD and select the video from your hard drive. For photos, do the same thing when it says UPLOAD PHOTOS. You can upload as many photos as you’d like.
  4. How do I delete a blog previously posted?
    If you want to remove a blog entirely from the site, then you click on My Blogs at the bottom meny of the page. Find the blog you want removed, and click on DELETE.
  5. Who sees the blogs which I post?
    Anyone who is on your friends list will see the blogs you post, either on their activity stread or by coming to your profile and clicking on the blogs section.
  6. Where can I find the older blogs which I have posted?
    All of the blogs you have posted on totical.com can be seen in the Manage My Blogs section. The blogs can be sorted by date posted by clicking on MODIFIED at the top of the table. You can also choose to sort them by name by clicking on NAME at the top of the table.

 Photo Albums and Profile Videos

How to Upload Photos

  1. How do I upload photos and create a new album? 
    a)      Click on Manage Pics
    b)      Click on CREATE A NEW ALBUM, which is located at the top right side of the page
    c)      Give your Album a name
    d)      Select your primary photo for the album, and add a description if you’d like. This will appear below the image within the album
    e)      If you want to add more than one photo to your album, click on ADD ADDITIONAL PHOTOS. You can add as many photos as you would like within your album.
    f)       Once all photos have been added, click on UPLOAD ALBUM.
  2. How do I add more photos to an existing album? 
    If you would like to add additional photos to an existing album, simply click on MANAGE PICS, find the album you would like to edit, and click on EDIT ALBUM. Once there, you can add additional photos, change descriptions, or change the photos which you had previously uploaded.
  3. How many photos can I upload? 
    You can upload as many photos as you would like within each album.
  4. How do I post a photo? 
    Posting a photo works the same way as uploading an album. Rather than adding additional photos to the album, you keep it at one. 
    You can also add one photo within your wall by clicking on the ADD PHOTO button at the top of your wall. This photo will then appear within your wall and within your WALL PICS album as well.

How to Manage Profile Pictures

  1. How do I add or change my profile picture? 
    In order to change your profile photo, you need to click on EDIT MY PROFILE. From there, you can change the profile photo by uploading a new one, and clicking on UPDATE PROFILE when done.
  1. Who can post on my wall?
    Anyone can post on your wall if your account is public. If your account is private, then only those on your friends list can post on your wall.
  2. Can I post a message on my own wall?
    If you would like to post something on our own wall, you can type inside the box under “Leave a comment” and then click on POST.
  3. Can I post a photo on my wall?
    To post a photo on your wall, click on ADD PHOTO on the top right corner of the Wall. From there, follow the instructions to upload your photo. This photo will appear within your wall, and also within you’re My Wall Pics Album.
  4. Can I upload a video on my wall?
    Click on ADD VIDEO on the top right corner of the Wall. From there, follow the instructions for uploading a video. You can either upload from your hard drive, or embed from YouTube.
  5. Who sees the information I post on my wall?
    If your account is set as private, then only those on your friends list can view anything on your wall, or within your profile. If your account is Public, then anyone who visits your profile can see your wall, and other profile items.
  6. Can I remove a wall post?
    If you would like to delete something posted on your wall, simply click on the Delete link located on the bottom right of the posting.

Browsing The Site

Find Your Friends and Companies on totical.com

  1. How do I find friends on totical.com? 
    After you join totical.com, there are three ways to find your friends or invite them to join: 
    a) Browse the site for friends: 
    You can search for your friends by clicking on the BROWSE link at the top right corner of the screen. In this section, you can search for people by their user name, real names, or many other criteria. You can opt to only see results of those people who have profile pictures associated with their accounts, or see the complete list of results.
    b) Import your contacts
    You can import your list of contacts from other places (ex: your email account) and we'll find your friends for you, or you can send a personal invite to anyone you choose. 
    i) Click on BROWSE at the top right corner of your screen. 
    ii) Click where it says “Invite Friends to totical.com” 
    iii) On the right side of the screen, it will say “Find People in Your Address Book”. Below that, there is a link for IMPORT FRIENDS – click on that link. 
    iv) Select your email provider, enter your details, and click on “Get Friends List” 
    v) Invites to totical.com will be sent out to your friends within your contact list. 
    c) Invite friends individually
    You can also invite your friends individually from the Invite Your Friends page. Simply enter in the email addresses of anyone you want to invite, add a personal message (optional), and click 
    i) Click on BROWSE at the top right corner of your screen. 
    ii) Click where it says “Invite Friends to totical.com” 
    iii) Enter the information requested 
    iv) Click on Send Invitation
  2. How do I make sure that my friends can find me on totical? 
    Make sure that the information you have entered for your first and last name is accurate. Fill in as much personal information as possible, so that people who know only where you live (for example) have a better chance of finding you.
  3. People have disappeared from my friend list even though I did not remove them, and they did not remove me. 
    It’s possible that people have removed their account from totical, in which case, they will disappear from your friends list.
  4. How do I find a company on totical.com?
    You can brose for companies on totical by clicking on BROWSE, and then click where it says “To Browse for Business, Click Here”

  1. How can I find a recipe on totical.com?
    Finding a recipe on totical.com is very simple. Simply click on the Recipes tab on the top left corner of the page. From there, you can browse through the categories through the menu on the left side of the screen. You will see that the menu lists all the main categories, and each of them breaks down further.
  2. How can I post a recipe?
    To post a recipe, simply click on POST A RECIPE button. This will bring you to the form where you can enter all of the recipe details.
  3. How can I review a recipe?
    If you’ve tried a recipe and would like to share your opinion of the outcome, you can access the rate/review button in the recipe you are reviewing. Simply click on Rate/Review and you will be directed to the Review a Recipe page.
  4. How does the rating & review system work?
    You can rate the recipe, by giving a star rating which ranges from 1 – 5 stars, with 1 star being the lowest and 5 stars being the highest rating. You can also write a brief review, explaining why you liked or disliked the recipe. In an attempt to maintain the integrity of our site, and honor the recipe that was initially posted, we would like our reviewers to list the changes they have made to a recipe. If more than 4 changes have been made, then the review will be seen, but the rating will not count. We feel that if someone has made too many changes to a recipe, then it is no longer the same recipe they initially tried, and the rating should not count.
  5. How do I earn points through the recipe section at totical.com?
    There are a few ways you can earn points on our site. If you post a recipe with a photo, then you earn 2,500 points! If you post a recipe with a video, then you also earn 2,500 points. Reviewing works the same way. If you have tried the recipe, and would like to post a photo or video of your work, then you also earn 2,500 each. These are capped at 3 per day for both postings and reviews.
  6. How do I upload a pic / video with a new recipe?
    When you are posting a new recipe, there is a place to upload either a photo, a video, or you can do both. Simply click on the browse button to find the images on your computer, and click on the upload button.
  7. How do I upload a pic / video with a recipe review?
    When you are reviewing a recipe, there is a place to upload either a photo, a video, or you can do both. Simply click on the browse button to find the images on your computer, and click on the upload button.
  8. Can I fix a typo in a recipe I have already posted?
    Absolutely! From any page within the site, you can click on the My Recipes link found in the menu box at the bottom of every page. This link will lead you to your Manage Recipes page, which is a listing all of the recipes you have posted. All you have to do it click on the EDIT button on the right end of the recipe, and you can go in and fix whatever typos or mistakes you made.
  9. I accidentally posted a recipe in the wrong category – can I fix it?
    You can change the category your recipe is posted in by going to the Manage Recipes page, as explained above. Simple scroll down to the bottom of the page, and choose the correct category.
  10. How does your categorization work?
    We have tried to create a category breakdown that was simple and easy to use. You start with a course, and click your way through until you get the end result – simple as that.
  11. Are recipes copyrightable? Can I post someone else’s recipe?
    Copyright protects creative works (written or artistic). Though we think of cooking as art, that does not make a recipe copyrightable.
    "A mere listing of ingredients is not protected under copyright law. However, where a recipe or formula is accompanied by substantial literary expression in the form of an explanation or directions, or when there is a collection of recipes as in a cookbook, there may be a basis for copyright protection."
    The Copyright Office of the US Government

    So, a list of ingredients cannot be copyrighted. An idea, concept, system or method of doing something cannot be copyrighted either. Only the substantially literary expression associated with a recipe can be copyrighted. To the extent there are only so many ways to say "boil water," it is not creative and therefore not protected under a copyright. If a recipe's directions or description are a wholesale copy of another person's creative literary expression, they are in violation of copyright. So even if the recipe originated elsewhere and even if the ingredients are still the same, as long as you post a recipe with your own directions and description, it is your recipe to share.

    The literary expression in a recipe's directions or description may be protected — if you can prove that it's truly creative. In other words, a lasagna recipe with three basic steps (i.e., cook the noodles, make the sauce and bake for an hour) is not copyrightable because it is obvious, not creative. A collection of recipes published in the unique presentation of a cookbook is copyrightable due to the choice of the collection and its arrangement, not the individual recipes themselves. For more information, download the US Government PDF on Copyright of Recipes.

    Where does totical.com stand? A list of ingredients is a list of ingredients; the government doesn't care if you make them your own and neither do we. But when it comes to other people's recipe descriptions and directions, don't copy the flowery stuff -- put it in your own words. You probably made the recipe, and you probably did it slightly differently than the original directions anyway. Describe what you did. If you copy the literary work of someone else, post it on totical.com, and they notify us with proof of the violation, we will immediately remove your recipe and you could be liable for damages. If someone else copies your recipes from our site and uses them, we would want to protect your original work and demand they be removed. So don't copy. 

    However, we encourage our users to try recipes from other places, and post them to totical.com in their own words or with their own variations. We don't mind if you include information about where you got the recipe from as long as the description and directions are in your own words ("giving credit" is always the right thing to do). For more information, see our Terms of Use Agreement. 

    If you suspect there is a violation of your copyright on our site, please contact us with the recipe ID # and/or a link to the recipe
  12. How long does it take for my recipe to appear online?
    Your recipe will be posted within 24 hours from the time you submit it. It needs to go through an approval process to make sure that it is not in violation of any copyright laws, or that it is not a duplicate recipe already existing on our site.
  13. What do I do if someone gave me a negative review which I do not agree with?
    If, at any time, you feel that you have received a review that was unjust, please email us with your concerns and we will investigate. You will be notified of our decision, and should we agree with your concerns, the review will be pulled and your rating will be readjusted accordingly.
  14. How do I email a recipe to a friend?
    If you’d like to email a recipe on totical.com to someone else, click on the EMAIL RECIPE link from within the recipe page. Simply fill in your friend’s information, with a short message, and click on SEND.
  15. How do I print a recipe?
    From the recipe page, click on PRINT RECIPE. A pop up window will open with the print version of the recipe you are interested in printing. Your browser will automatically open your printer settings. Select your printer and click OK.
  16. What do the stars in the rating system mean?
    The stars in the rating system are a way for users to express how much they liked or disliked a recipe. The stars range from 1 – 5, with 1 being the lowest rating, and 5 being the highest rating. When there is more than one rating for a recipe, the site will calculate the average star count, and this is what will be displayed within the recipe page. In an effort to be true to our users, we have created a system so that, if someone has made more than 4 changes to a recipe, the star rating they assign will not count. We do this to ensure that people are not able to make numerous changes, and then blame the original recipe if it turns out bad / good. So while your review will be posted, the rating will not count.
  17. What are the “helpful votes” on the reviews?
    If you find that a certain review helpful for whatever reason, you are able to click on the link that says WAS THIS REVIEW HELPFUL (YES). People can then sort the reviews by most helpful (i.e. the reviews with the most helpful clicks will be listed at the top).
  18. What do I do if I have a concern about a review?
    If you have a concern about a review that you received, please email us at recipes@totical.com. Make sure to mention your recipe name and number, as well as the user name for the person who left the review.
  19. Browsing and Searching for recipes
    You can either browse for recipes by using the navigation menu on the left side of the page, or you can search for something specific by typing the name into the search bar at the top of the screen.
  20. How is the Daily recipe chosen?
    The daily recipe is chosen randomly every morning.
  21. How do I access the recipe chat rooms?
    There are two easy ways to access the recipes chat room:
    a)      Click on the Join Recipe Chat Room button which can be found under the navigation menu on the left side of the recipes section. 
    b)      Within the chat room section of the site, click on the FOOD & DRINK link. This will lead to the recipes chat room.
  22. I want to submit a photo or video with my recipe and/or review. Are there any rules I need to follow
    Since a large number of points can be earned for adding photos and videos with your recipe and review, we want to ensure that the points are being earned legitimately.  We require proof from you that the recipe you are adding is yours, and that the review you are placing is for a recipe that you actually tried off of totical.com.  In order to ensure this, we ask our users to please include, somewhere in your photo and/or video, a small sign with the name of the site on it, and the date. This way, we will know that the points you have earned are legitimate. Here are some examples of recipes posted with the name of the site and the date, as mentioned:

As you can see, a small paper was included in each photo, which included the site name and the date. This can also be done in a video clip.

If you have any questions concerning this rule, or if you feel that a recipe photo / video has been uploaded falsely, please email us at recipes@totical.com.

  1. How do I watch a video on totical?
    Watching videos on totical is a breeze! Just click on the video tab on the top menu bar on your screen, This will bring you to our video homepage, where you can browse videos by categories, see the featured videos of the week, or the most popular videos on the site. When you see a video you want to watch, just click on it and the video will begin automatically.
  2. What are “related videos”?
    Related videos are a selection of videos which we think you would enjoy, based on your current selection. Videos that may have similar themes or names would appear on the right side of the video viewing page.
  3. How do I view a video in full scree mode?
    To watch a video in full screen mode, click the full screen button located to the bottom-right corner of the video. Once you click the button, the video will expand so that it covers the majority of your screen. To return to regular mode, simply hit the ESC button on your keyboard.
  4. System Requirements for watching videos on totical.com
    General System Requirements: 
    •Adobe Flash Player 10.0.22+ plug-in
    •Firefox 1.1+, Internet Explorer 7.0+, Safari 1.0+, Google Chrome, or Opera
    •Broadband connection with 500+ Kbps
    PC Specific Requirements:
    •Platform: Windows 2000 or higher with latest updates installed
    •Processor: 500MHz or faster 
    •RAM: 128MB or more
    •Video Card: at least 64MB of video memory
    •Sound Card: at least 16-bit
  5. How do I search for a specific video?
    If you know of a specific video you are looking for, you can type the name in the search field, and, if it is on the site, if will be displayed on the results page, along with other videos with similar titles.
  6. Is there a way for me to edit or delete the videos I have previously uploaded?
    All members of totical.com have a “manage videos” page, which can be accessed by the menu table at the bottom every page on the site. Just click on the link and you will be taken to your Manage Videos page, where you can view all the videos you have uploaded onto the site. From this page, you can also delete any videos you wish to remove from the site, or edit ones you have decided need adjustments. Just click on either “delete” or “edit” and then save your changes once they have been made.
  7. Commenting on a Video
    If you would like to make a comment to a video on the site, simply write your thoughts in the “Post a Comment” section underneath each video. Please make sure that your comments are not inappropriate or derogatory in any way.
  8. Uploading Videos
    If you’d like to upload your videos onto the site, simply access the video page, and then click on “upload” at the top right corner of the page. You will be brought to the Upload a Video page. On this page, you have a space to name your video, provide a brief description on what it’s about, and choose the category or categories (up to 5) in which you want your video placed. Once this is done, you can upload the actual video. You must browse your computer and select the video of your choice. Once you have made your video selection, you can either choose a thumbnail photo for the video yourself, or have it chosen automatically. If you would like to embed a video from YouTube, you will not be able to do so in our video section. The only place you are able to embed a video from YouTube is in your profile, either on your wall or within your private videos.
  9. Editing Videos
    Feel like your video needs  fixing? Just go to your Manage Videos page, and click on the Edit button next to the video you want to fix. You can fix the name, description, category or video itself, all from this page. When you have made your changes, click on Update at the bottom of the page.
  10. Deleting Videos
    To remove one of your videos, follow the steps below:
    a) Sign in and click on the Manage Videos link at the bottom right corner of all totical.com pages 
    b) From this Manage Videos page, click on the Delete button next to the video you want removed from the site. 
    After deleting a video, it may take some time for video search results and thumbnail images to disappear from the site. In the meantime, rest assured that the video is no longer viewable.
  11. Settings for uploading videos
    500MB Maximum size allowed 
    Supported File Formats: avi, mpg, mpeg, mov, flv
  12. How long does it take to process a video on totical.com?
    Processing time varies greatly depending on the format of your original video, file size, and upload traffic. This could take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.
    If after 8 hours you still see a status message next to the video saying Uploaded (processing, please wait), try removing the video from our site and uploading it again. To do this, access My Videos and click the Remove Video button below the video in question. Then, go through the full upload process again.
  13. How long does the uploading take?
    Depending on your connection speed and the size of the video, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours to upload a video.
    Generally, if you have a high-speed Internet connection you can expect the upload to take somewhere between 1-5 minutes for every 1MB. However, the experience is different for every user because of the variation in connection speeds.
  14. Safety:
    Here are some useful tools and friendly tips for staying safe on totical.com:
    a) When filming videos of your friends, classmates, or other minors, remember that they should never be sexually suggestive, violent, or dangerous. 
    b) Anything you post in the video section can be viewed by anyone, so make sure you really want it posted.Once a video has been posted online, you never know who might see it. If it’s copied or reposted, you might not be able to remove every copy. 
    c) Don’t post something just because someone else asked you to. Also, please don’t try to meet anyone you have "met" online without consulting with a trusted adult first. 
    If the video you are posting should remain private, then post it only onto your profile, and not within the video section of the site. 
    Please note that children less than 13 years of age are not permitted to set up a totical.com account.
    If you see a video that contains inappropriate content, please flag it as inappropriate.
  15. Inappropriate Content:
    What does totical consider inappropriate content?
    a) Hate Speech: content that promotes violence or hatred against individuals or groups based on certain attributes, such as:
    race or ethnic origin
    veteran status
    sexual orientation/gender identity 
    b) Impersonation and/or Harassment: Activities such as copying a user's channel layout, using a similar username, or posing as another person in comments, emails, or videos may be considered harassment. In cases where our team determines that an account was established to impersonate another channel or individual, the account will be removed.
    Threats: Content that makes threats of serious physical harm against a specific individual or defined group of individuals will be removed. People who threaten others may receive a strike on their account and their account may be terminated.
    Child Endangerment: We have a zero-tolerance policy for sexual content involving minors. Uploading, commenting, or engaging in any type of activity that sexualizes minors will immediately result in an account suspension. In cases where a video constitutes child pornography, our team will report it to NCMEC, who in turn works with global law enforcement agencies.
    Nudity & Sexual Content: 
    What is and isn’t allowed
    Sexually explicit content like pornography is not allowed. Videos containing fetish content will be removed or age-restricted depending on the severity of the act in question. In most cases, violent, graphic, or humiliating fetishes are not allowed to be shown on totical.com.
    A video that contains nudity or other sexual content may be allowed if the primary purpose is educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic, and it isn’t gratuitously graphic. For example, a documentary on breast cancer would be appropriate, but posting clips out of context from the same documentary might not be. Remember that providing context in the title and description will help us and your viewers determine the primary purpose of the video.
    Age-restricted content
    In cases where videos do not cross the line, but still contain sexual content, we may apply an age-restriction so that only viewers over a certain age can view the content. 
    - Videos containing nudity or dramatized sexual conduct may be age-restricted when the context is appropriately educational, documentary, scientific or artistic. Videos featuring individuals in minimal or revealing clothing may also be age-restricted if they're intended to be sexually provocative, but don't show explicit content.
    What we consider when age-restricting a video:
    - Whether breasts, buttocks or genitals (clothed or unclothed) are the focal point of the video; 
    - Whether the video setting is sexually suggestive (e.g. a location generally associated with sexual activity, such as a bed); 
    - Whether the subject is depicted in a pose that is intended to sexually arouse the viewer; 
    - Whether the language used in the video is vulgar and/or lewd; 
    - Whether the subject's actions in the video suggest a willingness to engage in sexual activity (e.g. kissing, provocative dancing, fondling); and 
    - If a subject is minimally clothed, whether the clothing would be acceptable in appropriate public contexts (e.g. swimwear vs. lingerie). 
    f) Violent or Graphic Content: 
    Real depictions of graphic or violent content:
    If the violence shown in your video is particularly graphic, please make sure to post as much information as possible in the title to help viewers understand what they are seeing. Providing documentary or educational context can help the viewer, and our reviewers, understand why they may be seeing the disturbing content.
    It’s not okay to post violent or gory content that’s primarily intended to be shocking, sensational or disrespectful. If a video is particularly graphic or disturbing, it should be balanced with additional context and information. For instance, a citizen journalist who captures footage of protesters being beaten and uploads it with relevant information (date, location, context, etc.) would likely be allowed. However, posting the same footage without contextual or educational information may be considered gratuitous and may be removed from the site.
    Dramatized depictions of graphic or violent content
    Some people post videos that contain dramatized depictions of violence. Much like movies and TV, graphic or disturbing content that contains a certain level of violence or gore is not suitable for minors and will be age-restricted.
    Age-restricted content
    In some cases, real, dramatized or fake violence may not be suitable for all ages. Similar to movie or television ratings, our age-restrictions help viewers avoid watching content that they may not feel is acceptable for themselves or for their children.
    g) Harmful or Dangerous Content:
    While it might not seem fair to say you can’t show something because of what viewers might do in response, we draw the line at content that intends to incite violence or encourage dangerous or illegal activities that have an inherent risk of serious physical harm or death. 
    Videos that we consider to encourage dangerous or illegal activities include instructional bomb making, choking games, hard drug use, or other acts where serious injury may result. A video that depicts dangerous acts may be allowed if the primary purpose is educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic (EDSA), and it isn’t gratuitously graphic. For example, a news piece on the dangers of choking games would be appropriate, but posting clips out of context from the same documentary might not be. 
    Videos that incite others to commit acts of violence are strictly prohibited from totical. If your video asks others to commit an act of violence or threatens people with serious acts of violence, it will be removed from the site.
    We are very sensitive to any harmful or dangerous content that involves minors. If your video shows a minor participating in a harmful or dangerous activity, do not post it. In the interest of protecting minors, we may age-restrict videos containing adults participating in activities that have a high risk of injury or death.
    What we consider when deciding whether to age-restrict or strike a video
    Whether the act in question could lead to serious injury or death. 
    Whether the individuals participating in the act are trained professionals taking all necessary precautions to prevent injury. 
    Whether the act could be easily imitated by minors.
    Whether the content could be used to commit serious acts of violence. 
    Whether the upload is educational, documentary, scientific or artistic in nature.
    Spam & Scams:
    Video and comment spam
    It's not okay to post large amounts of untargeted, unwanted, or repetitive content in videos, comments, private messages, or other places on the site. If the main purpose of your content is to drive people off of totical.com and onto another site, it will likely violate our spam policies.
    Artificial traffic spam
    Anything that artificially increases the number of views, likes or comments, either through the use of automatic systems or by serving up videos to unsuspecting viewers, is against our terms. Videos and accounts that are found to be in violation of our terms may be closed down and removed from totical. 
    Misleading or racy thumbnails
    Please select the thumbnail that best represents your content. Selecting a sexually provocative thumbnail may result in the removal of your thumbnail or the age-restriction of your video. The thumbnail is the title card that will be shown next to your video across the site and should be appropriate for all ages.
    Some users create content which attempts to trick others for their own financial gain. Content that deliberately tries to mislead users for financial gain may be removed, and in some cases strikes may be issued to the uploader.
    Please be wary of claims that seem too good to be true, as they likely are.
  16. Privacy Issues
    If someone has posted your personal information or uploaded a video of you without your consent, start by contacting the uploader and asking them to remove the content.
    If you can’t reach an agreement with the uploader, or if you are uncomfortable contacting them, you can request a removal of the content by emailing us at privacy@totical.com
    For content to be considered for removal, an individual must be uniquely identifiable. When assessing if an individual is uniquely identifiable, we consider the following factors:
    - Your image or voice 
    - Full name 
    - Financial information 
    - Contact information 
    Other personally identifiable information 
    Tips on how to protect your privacy on totical.com
    Think carefully before you post personal information. This includes things like the town you live in, where you go to school, or your home address.
    Protect your account data and don’t share your password with others. Totical.com employees will never ask you for your password. Don’t be fooled if someone contacts you pretending to be from totical.com. 
    As a general rule, you should get permission before filming other people or posting their personal information.
    Set your profile to private, so that only those on your friends list can view your personal information and private videos.
  17. Privacy – Profile videos vs. Video Section Videos
    Videos posted within our video section can be viewed by anyone visiting the site. 
    Videos posted within your profile can only be viewed by those on your friends list, if your account is set as private. If you choose to have a public profile, then your profile videos will be open to anyone on totical.com. 
    Please consider this before posting any personal videos on the site.
  18. Copyright Infringement
    If you believe your copyright-protected work was posted on totical without authorization, you may submit a copyright infringement notification. These requests should only be submitted by the copyright owner or an agent authorized to act on the owner’s behalf. 
    Please email us your complaint at copyright@totical.com If you choose to request removal of content by sending us an email, please remember that you are initiating a legal process. Do not make false claims. Misuse of this process may result in the suspension of your account or other legal consequences.
  19. I Uploaded a video and it is not showing up right away
    Depending on the file type, or size, it may take a few minutes for your video to appear on the site. Please allow some time for the file to finish converting.
  20. Can I earn points for uploading a video to totical.com
    The only way you can earn points by uploading videos to our video section is if you have been awarded "VIP" status. Once you have been awarded this special status on our site, you will earn points for each video you upload within the video section.
  21. How do I obtain VIP status on totical.com?
    In order to obtain "VIP" status within our site, you need to an active user of the site, and you need to adhere to certain standards of conduct.
    a) You post original, quality content.
    b) Your videos are not copied, and you follow our rules concering Copyright Infrigement (read here).
    c) Your totical account is in good standing, and has never been pulled or deleted for any reason.
    We will periodically be reviewing accounts of the avid posters on our site. If we decide you deserve to be a VIP, we will automatically swicth your account to a VIP account, and notify you by email of this change. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please feel free to contact us at videos@totical.com.

Message Boards

  1. What is a message board?
    A message board is an online discussion site. It's sometimes also called a “forum”. It may contain several categories, consisting of forums, threads and individual posts.
  2. How is all this structured?
    The message board as a whole contains various categories (broad subject areas), which themselves contain forums (more specific subject areas) which contain threads (conversations on a topic) which are made up of individual posts (where a user writes something).
    The board home page has a list of categories and forums, with basic statistics for each - including the number of threads and posts, and which member posted the most recent message.
  3. What is the difference between General Boards and Teen Boards?
    Teen boards are only accessible to those 18 years of age and younger. If you are over 18, you will not be able to enter the Teen Boards.
  4. How do I find my way around?
    Click on either General Boards or Teen Boards in order to enter. On the boards main page, you will see the list of categories (forums) offered for discussions. Within each of these forums, you can see how many threads are taking place by looking on the right hand side of the list. It was show how many threads there are in each category, and how many posts. 
    When you click on a forum's name, you are taken to the list of threads it contains. A thread is a conversation between members or guests. Each thread starts out as a single post and grows as more individual posts are added by different users. 
    To start a new thread within the forum, simply click on the 'Post New Thread.'
  5. How do I read a thread?
    To read a thread, click on its title. Each post in a thread is created by a member of the site.
    To post a reply to an existing thread, click on the 'Post Reply' button. If the 'Post Reply' button does not appear, it could mean that you are not logged in as a member, or that you do not have permission to reply, or that the thread has been closed to new replies.
    If enabled, there will also be a 'Quick Reply' box where you can quickly enter a reply without having to go to the 'Post Reply' page. You may need to click the quick reply button in a post to activate the quick reply box before you can type into it.
  6. How do I find out more about the person who posted a thread / reply?
    To view information about a particular member, right click on their user name. Here you will be able to click on VIEW PROFILE. If the member’s profile is public, you will be able to see it.
  7. How do I search for something?
    To quickly find a thread or post of interest anywhere on the bulletin board, click on the 'Search' link in the navigation bar at the top of most forum pages. Then, type in the keyword or phrase you wish to search for, and select either 'Show Threads' or 'Show Posts' to view the results. By selecting posts, you will be shown only the actual post in which the search word appears.
    For more control over the search, select 'Advanced Search' from the drop-down box. The advanced search page allows you to restrict your search to individual forums, find posts or threads by user, or return results based on tags. There are also options to find posts from a certain date, or threads with a certain number of replies.
  8. How do I search a specific forum or thread?
    If you are browsing a forum, you can quickly search for a thread or post within it by clicking on the 'Search this forum' link near the top of the page (it's above the list of threads). You can also search for individual posts within a thread by clicking on the 'Search this Thread' link at the top of any thread view page.
  9. How do I format my posts and messages?
    When posting messages you may wish to include some formatting such as bold text, italic text and underlined text.
    Adding formatting to your post can be done in two ways:
    Using clickable controls similar to those found in most word processors 
    Typing formatting commands in BB code 
    Clickable controls are available in the Standard and Enhanced WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors. The difference between these is that the standard editor will show the BB code in your message and be processed when it is displayed. The enhanced WYSIWYG editor will show your message as it will be displayed while you are typing.
    To use these, simply click the button, for example the B (bold) button and then type to get bold text. Click the button again to stop using that formatting. You can also highlight text that you have already typed then click the formatting button to format existing text.
  10. How do I reply to a thread?
    As a registered user you can go to a forum on a board where you have permission to view threads and leave replies. To reply you have a few options. You can click on the 'Post Reply' button and add a new post to the end of the thread. Alternatively, you can leave a quick reply in a quick editor box listed below the posts in the thread.
    When using 'Quick Reply' you can choose to quote a particular post if you are replying to something someone wrote. You may need to click the quick reply button in a post to activate the quick reply box before you can type into it.
    If you want to post replies to multiple posts you can select them by clicking the multi quote button. This button will change to indicate that you've selected it. Clicking post reply will then bring you to the full editor with all the posts quoted.
  11. Can I change the order of threads?
    You have a choice over how you view threads. When you're in a thread, look at the top bar. On the right hand side you'll see 'Display Mode'. Click on this and it lets you change how posts are ordered.
    You have three choices:
    Linear Mode - posts are displayed chronologically, usually from oldest to newest. Posts are shown in a flat mode so that many posts can be viewed simultaneously. 
    Threaded Mode - a tree is shown along with every post. This shows you the relationship each post has to the others. It's easy to see who responded to whom. Only one post is shown at a time. By clicking on a single post in the post tree, the page will show that post and all posts made in response to it.
    Hybrid Mode - This is a mixture of the linear and threaded modes. The post tree is displayed as in the threaded mode, but many posts are shown at the same time as in the linear modes.
  12. Can I edit or delete my posts?
    If you have registered and are logged in, you may be able to edit and delete your posts (although the administrator may have turned off this option). Your ability to edit your posts may be time-limited, depending on how the administrator has set up the forum.
    To edit or delete your posts, click the Edit button by the particular post. If your post was the first in the thread, then deleting it may remove the entire thread.
    Once you've made your modifications, a note may appear to inform other users that you have edited your post.
    If the edit time and date appear as a link you can click on this to see the differences between the original and edited versions, or between edits if there have been multiple edits.
  13. How do I attach a file to a post?
    To attach a file to your post, you need to be using the main 'New Post' or 'New Thread' page and not 'Quick Reply'. To use the main 'New Post' page, click the 'Post Reply' button in the relevant thread.
    On this page, below the message box, you will find a button labelled 'Manage Attachments'. Clicking this button will open a new window for uploading attachments. You can upload an attachment either from your computer or from another URL by using the appropriate box on this page. Alternatively you can click the Attachment Icon to open this page.
    To upload a file from your computer, click the 'Browse' button and locate the file. To upload a file from another URL, enter the full URL for the file in the second box on this page. Once you have completed one of the boxes, click 'Upload'.
    Once the upload is completed the file name will appear below the input boxes in this window. You can then close the window to return to the new post screen.
  14. What files types can I use? How large can attachments be?
    In the attachment window you will find a list of the allowed file types and their maximum sizes. Files that are larger than these sizes will be rejected. There may also be an overall quota limit to the number of attachments you can post to the board.
  15. How do I add an image to a post?
    If you have uploaded an image as an attachment, you can click the arrow next to the 'Attachment Icon' and select it from the list. This will be inserted into your post and can be located where you want it displayed.
    To include an image that is not uploaded as an attachment and is located on another website, you can do so by copying the full URL to the image, (not the page on which the image is located), and either pressing the 'Insert Image' icon or by typing [img] before the URL and [/img] after it, ensuring that you do not have any spaces before or after the URL of the image. You can insert pictures from your albums in this way too.
  16. What are smilies?
    Smilies are icons that can be used in your posts to express emotions or feelings. You might wish to use these to show that you are happy, sad, joking, or embarrassed. For example, if you are telling a joke or being sarcastic you may wish to add a wink instead of writing 'this is a joke'.
    The basic smilies are the same as what you would find on any instant messenger system. They are made up of a combination of characters which often show the basis of the resulting image. For example, :) is converted to a smiley face and :( to a sad face or frown. Tilt your head to the left to see this in action as these consist of two eyes and a mouth either smiling or frowning.
  17. How do I add smilies?
    Some smilies can be accessed from the 'New Post' or 'New Thread' pages if your administrator has enabled this function. Clicking them will automatically insert them into your message. You can also type the character combinations for the smilies directly.
Chat Rooms
  1. The chat applet won't load. What do I do?
    There are a number of reasons why the chat room may not work correctly for you.
    Our chat rooms are powered by a popular technology called Java. If you are having problems with the chat rooms, the first thing you should do is install the latest version of Java onto your computer. Download Java for free here. After you install Java, please exit all of your web browser windows and try the totical chat rooms again.
    If you have tried installing the latest version of Java, the next step you should take is restarting your computer. Believe it or not, a lot of problems can be solved if you just try and restart your computer first. If this does not fix your problem, then there are a few other things we can try. Clearing your Internet history and cookies is a good place to start. (If you clear your cookies, you will be required to login again to totical.)
  2. Why can’t I access the Teens Chat Room?The Teens chat room is only accessible to those users who are 18 years old or younger. If you are over 18, you will not be allowed to enter.
  3. How do I private message someone?
    To send a private message, left click on the nickname of the person you wish to contact and select “Send Private Message from the menu that appears. After you do this, a new window will pop up for your private conversation.
  4. How do I change rooms?
    It is very simple to change rooms while using the chat rooms. The list of rooms available appears on the far right of the chat window. You can see next to each name how many users are currently chatting. To enter a new room, simply double click on the name of the room you would like to enter. If you are in multiple rooms at the same time, each individual room will have its own tab on top of the text area. To navigate between rooms, just click on the tab.
  5. How do I ignore members?
    If there is a member you’d like to ignore, just click on their user name, and select “Ignore User” from the menu that appears. That member will no longer be able to contact you, nor will you see what they write within the chat area.
  6. Can I create my own room?
    You can create your own room by scrolling to the bottom of the Rooms list. There you will see User Created Rooms. Left click on that, and select “Create New Room” You will have to give that room a name. You can also choose whether or not to assign a password to the room, or make it accessible to anyone. If you assign a password, then a user will need to know it before they can enter.
  7. Can I invite people into my newly created room?
    If you’d like to invite specific users into your own chat room, click on their user name from the list, and select “Invite to Room” from the menu that appears. You will have to choose the name of the room you’d like to invite them to.
  8. Can I view someone’s profile?
    If the user has a public profile, then you will be able to view it. Simply click on their username, and select “View Profile” from the menu that appears. You will be redirected to that user’s totical profile.
Rewards Program
  1. How do I enroll in the totical rewards program?
    You need to be a registered user at totical.com in order to be enrolled in the rewards program. Once your account is activated, you will automatically start earning points.
  2. How do I earn points?
    You can earn points on the site by dong any of the following things:
    -          Registering an account
    -          Updating your mood & status
    -          Uploading a profile photo
    -          Wall postings
    -          Logging in 
    -          Inviting a friend to the site
    -          Having that invite accepted
    -          Posting a blog
    -          Emailing a recipe to a friend
    -          Posting a recipe / recipe review with a photo
    -          Posting a recipe / recipe review with a video
    -          Reach 100 friends on your Friends list and get extra points
    -          Uploading photos
  3. Can I give or transfer my points to someone else?
    No, your points are your own, and cannot be shared, or transferred to anyone else.
  4. What can I do with my points?
    With your points, you can either bid on something within our auctions section, or opt to redeem something quickly through our Buy It Now. You will need to have equal or more points to what is listed in order to bid / redeem anything listed.
  5. What are auctions?
    Auctions are items that we have listed for you to bid on, using the points you have earned at totical. We will be listing several items at a time, with a starting bid of a certain amount of points. We will be listing it for a certain amount of time, and users can bid a certain amount of points for it. The person who has bid the most by the time the auction ends will win the item.
  6. What is Buy It Now?
    As opposed to an auction listing, which users bid on, a Buy It Now item can be purchased outright immediately. Users simply click on BUY IT NOW and the item is theirs. The fixed number of points needed for the item is what it cost, and it does not change.
  7. How can I keep track of my points?
    You can keep track of your points by clicking on the Rewards tab from the main menu bar. Here, you will be able to see your points total, and all the ways you have earned points on the site since you first signed up. You will also be able to access the Auctions and Buy it Now sections through this page.
  8. What do I receive when I redeem my points?
    If you choose to redeem your points on either an auction item or a Buy it Now item, you will receive a confirmation email explaining to you what you have won, and how many points you used for that reward. If your item is to be mailed to you, you will need to provide us with your mailing address. If the item can be emailed, then you will receive that within a day or two.
  9. I did something that was supposed to earn me points, but they have not been added to my account. Why?
    If you did not earn points for something that should have been, please contact us at rewards@totical.com and we will look into it.
  10. If I delete something that earned me points, what happens?
    If you delete something for which you earned points, then the points for that item will also be deleted.
  11. Does it cost anything to redeem a reward?
    Redeeming rewards does not cost anything. You earn points at totical.com for free, and you can redeem them for free as well.

Account Deletion

How do I remove my account from totical.com?