Miley Cyrus - Taking Her Cues from the Queen of Pop

Tuesday October 15th 2013

Miley Cyrus has become the most recent "Disney Baby" to shed her innocent image and her clothes!

It seems as though the pop star whose name is on the tip of the tongue of everyone in the media industry these days is Miley Cyrus. Although she began her career in the spotlight as a Disney darling, it has become her motive to shed that innocent Hannah Montana image and milk her sexuality for all that it’s worth. Her controversial performance at the MTV Video Music Awards was so successful in gaining her popularity that the word “twerk” is now in the Oxford Dictionary. She put forth her best effort to shock the audience by getting down into her underwear and getting busy with a foam finger while surrounded by twerking teddy bears. It was certainly a shocking and scandalous performance to say the least.

Miley Cyrus, however, is by far not the first pop star to use her naughty bits to hype her image in the public eye, nor will she be the last. It is a common trend that has been repeated by many pop stars looking to rid themselves of their former identities and continue to satisfy the needs of their aging fans. Perhaps the pop star who is most famous for being overtly sexual and controversial, so much so, that it defined her career, was the queen of pop herself, Madonna. She made a name for herself beginning in the mid eighties with her performance of “Like a Virgin”, also performed at the MTV VMAs, where she rolled around in a white wedding dress. She has proven over and over again that sex sells. In 2002 she seemed to “pass the torch” of sexually provocative scandals down to pop princess, Britney Spears, with her performance at the MTV VMAs when the two divas shared a kiss at the end of their performance of “Like a Virgin.” It was a display that had never before been seen on television, and it surprised, as well as angered, many viewers. It looks like Miley has studied the success of her pop icon predecessors and has taken it to another level.

Was it any coincidence that Miley Cyrus’s  wild performance made its debut shortly before her release of her new single “Wrecking Ball?” It seems to be the rule in show business that even negative attention is still attention. Miley’s well timed publicity stunt brought on a lot of condemnation and criticism from the press, but it doesn’t seem to matter to Miley, as her new album, Bangerz, was released Sunday, October 13th, with record industry sources suggesting it may sell over 250,000 copies. Due to her outlandish behavior, Miley lost the opportunity to be on the cover of Vogue. As the saying says though, when one door closes, two more open. She was quickly given other chances to promote her brand, including an opportunity to host Saturday Night Live, as well as being featured on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Miley definitely has an understanding of the simple fact that controversy sells. Her behavior leaves one wondering what she will think of next to top her previous performances and how far she will go to push the envelope to further her career as a pop diva. It seems as though in today’s music industry the sky is the limit. It will be interesting to see how high she flies.



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