Chris Helmsworth: Back to Back Blockbusters!

Wednesday October 9th 2013

Chris Hemsworth's Rise to Stardom and the Projects that Made Him Famous 

Stardom often has a hypnotic attraction to most people. In fact, many times a career path is guided by this alluring yet elusive phenomenon. What better place to search for that notoriety than Hollywood - the biggest of all stages for actors and actresses.

One of the actors who has had his share of fame is Chris Hemsworth. His most recent projects included Snow White and the Huntsman, Thor, and The Avengers, one of the highest grossing films of all time. It has been these movies which skyrocketed him into the mainstream, and gave him his superstar status.

Chris Hemsworth was born in Australia. Although his family moved from one place to another quite often throughout his childhood, they finally settled down in Phillip Island, which is located just south of Melbourne. His interest in show business was shared with his siblings, fellow actors Liam and Luke Hemsworth.

Chris’s first try in show business was sidetracked when he was denied the role of Robbie Hunter, a character in his country’s soap opera called Home and Away. He was later recalled to the show for the part of Kim Hyde, which he played for three years. While still in his home country, he joined the Australian version of Dancing With The Stars, where he only lasted 5 weeks or so before being eliminated.

His first Hollywood role was in the Star Trek, released in 2009. Even though the movie was a huge blockbuster, it was not the film that made him a household name. Rather, it was his role as the superhero god THOR which propelled him to stardom.

His latest release, Rush, is gaining a lot of buzz in Hollywood. Directed by Ron Howard, Rush tells the true story of the famous rivalry between two race car drivers,  James Hunt and Niki Lauda . Critics have been raving about the film, which shows Chris in a less “action” role than we are used to.  

In addition to Rush, the sequel to Thor will be released in November. This one is subtitled “Into the Darkness”, and co-stars Natalie Portman, who reprises her role as Thor’s love interest, Jane Foster. The movie is expected to be a huge success, as fans watch Thor sacrifice everything he holds dear to his heart in order to save the planet Earth that he treasures.

Chris Hemsworth is an actor who pursued his dream in spite of being knocked down once or twice; a person who never gave up. As a result, he is having one hit movie after another. He is a testament that perseverance eventually pays off!  

Check out the trailer to Thor 2 - The Dark World here:


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